General motors strategic analysis

The company cannot control currency exchange rates, therefore it is at risk, if the U. These recalls can dent its image and affect its sales. As General Motor is an American company, it has been facing the same financial crisis as well.

SWOT analysis of General Motors

The SWOT analysis is a model or tool that managers use to identify the most significant internal strategic factors strengths and weaknesses and external strategic factors opportunities and threats. General Motors is the second largest automotive seller in China automotive market.

It conducts the business of designing, manufacturing, and selling of trucks, cars, and automobile parts. Even in China, partnerships with the local brands have brought good results.

Inthere was an estimated global excess production capacity of 31 million units. Strong Portfolio of Brands: Provides immediate help in an emergency situation.

Nonetheless, automotive market growth in the U. The company has a low probability of using this strategy. Rare product recalls Recalls are inevitable for any automaker due to a complex manufacturing process, thousands of parts and sophisticated software used.

For example, competitors impose pressure on General Motors and its market share.

General Motors Company SWOT Analysis & Recommendations

For example, the company can offer products other than Chevrolet automobiles in developing countries, as a way of increasing revenues. In China also its partnership with the local brands has been successful. Technology The internet has affected just about every industry in the world and has also had a huge impact on the automobile industry.

According to various studies this industry is the major user of computer chips, textiles, aluminum, copper, steel, iron, lead, plastics, vinyl and rubber.

The company is in a strong position in the automotive industry. It has partnered with Lyft to invest in car sharing and making the sharing experience better for both drivers and customers. General Motors Company (further GM) is a multinational automotive company based in Detroit, U.S.


The company designs, manufactures and sells various vehicles, including cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, crossovers and automobile parts. Appealing to consumers through advertising General Motors Analysis and Future Recommendations Team Arctic Gaiters BMG April 3rd, Executive Summary Recovering from bankruptcy, there is a need to continue forward momentum.

In this case, General Motors’ generic competitive strategy emphasizes the benefits of economies of scale, which is one of the company’s strengths (Read: SWOT Analysis of General Motors Company).

The firm also employs intensive growth strategies based on the business effects of such generic strategy. A SWOT Analysis of General Motors Company determines the internal and external strategic factors that significantly affect the automotive business.

(Image: Public Domain) General Motors Company’s industry position is a result of efforts to address opportunities and threats, such as the ones shown in. Access General Motors corporate governance documents. GM’s purpose begins with a few simple but incredibly powerful words: We are here to earn customers for life.

GENERAL MOTORS Competitor’s Analysis The major competitors of General Motors are domestic companies like Damiler Chrysler & Ford Motor and foreign companies like Toyota Motor & Honda Motor. GM SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses 1.

General motors strategic analysis
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General Motors SWOT Analysis