Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and brain stimulation to longevity and quality of life

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Similarly, physique, as represented in somatotypes, does not appear to be significantly affected by physical activity during growth Malina et al.

The superiority effect of pictures is also true if words and pictures are combined during learning Roediger, Far fewer randomized controlled trials RCTs examining this relationship have been conducted in children than in adults, and there is little evidence on dose response to show how the type of exercise interacts with frequency, intensity, and duration.

Much like a specific physical fitness regimen works particular muscles, a computerized brain fitness program can be used as a customized workout, according to Fernandez. Some work has shown that muscle fitness, reflected in a composite index combining measures of muscle strength and endurance, and cardiorespiratory fitness are independently and negatively associated with clustered metabolic risk Steene-Johannessen et al.

They appear to include both the modification of existing synapses and the addition of entirely new synapses to the brain. And the more frequently, the better.

Studies of brain development provide a model of the learning process at a cellular level: The adolescent growth spurt, roughly 3 years of rapid growth, occurs early in this period.

Subsequently, the two inputs converge on the next set of neurons. Under at least some conditions, both astrocytes that provide support to the neurons and the capillaries that supply blood may also be altered.

The structure of the nerve cells themselves is correspondingly altered. Motor skills competence is an important factor; however, it is only one of many factors that contribute to physical activity.

Development in Late Adulthood

The principal health outcomes hypothesized to be associated with flexibility are prevention of and relief from low-back pain, prevention of musculoskeletal injury, and improved posture.

While more can always be learned, the evidence for the health benefits of physical activity is irrefutable HHS, Partners for Livable Communities and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging conducted a workshop in San Diego County to discuss the impact of lifelong learning opportunities on healthy aging for older adults.

That is, learning imposes new patterns of organization on the brain, and this phenomenon has been confirmed by electro-physiological recordings of the activity of nerve cells Beaulieu and Cynader, Since there is no magic potion to stop the aging process, it is important to take care of your body, mind, and spirit throughout your whole life.

This group of muscles provides the foundation for movement throughout your entire body, and strengthening them can help protect and support your back, make your spine and body less prone to injury, and help you gain greater balance and stability. Individuals who engage in aerobic endurance exercise training have an increased ability to mobilize and oxidize fat, which is associated with increased levels of lipolysis Depres and Lamarche.

Oct 07,  · Finally, discuss the importance that lifelong learning and brain stimulation can demonstrate in regard to longevity and quality of life. Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and brain stimulation to longevity and quality of life.

Write your answer/response in detail with examples and facts and figures using APA style of formatting, size 12, font Times new roman and answer must be single spaced. Words (Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and brain stimulation to longevity and quality of life.) Must be Percent original with citations and references.

Words: Discuss the relationship between learning and memory from a functional perspective. Examine the biological and psychological basis of learning and memory, o Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and brain stimulation to longevity and quality of life.

o Include at least three references in your. As 79 million Baby Boomers age, it makes sense the selection of lifelong learning courses will increase dramatically as seniors over 62 understand the importance of brain fitness.

When we search for where to retire, consider college towns in Northern Georgia with successful lifelong learning courses already in.

Lifelong Learning and Brain Stimulation

Physical conditioning boosts brain health, but mental exercise is critically. important as well. Memory training and mental stimulation rapidly activate neural circuits and increase brain efficiency. Going to college, reading books, playing board games, or studying a second language are associated with a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and brain stimulation to longevity and quality of life
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