Commercialization and westernization of india

It is not a clear-cut distinction. It is not wrong to practice English, but forgetting your own mother tongue is wrong. And even if we are falling, is it that harmful.

People of diverse cultures, families, status, classes are living together and yet very efficiently fulfilling their needs, demands and livelihoods.

What could be achieved during his tenure. This village consisted of two main castes—a dominant caste of Thakurs and a large untouchable caste of Chamars. There are many aspects of life where modernization takes place such as, living standards, working styles, behavioral pattern values, morals and principles technology, education, inter and intra relationships, cultural patterns and so on.

Our culture is rich and has always been, be it our Vedic science from Sushruta times or the freedom of expression, we have a rich civilization, we are grateful to. When the people of the society get better and advanced in the all aspects related to their lives, institutions, thinking, attitudes and relationships then that society is said to be modernized.

True patriotism is in valuing the cultural and traditional dignity, not defying its richness. Perception of the Concepts: The two factory situation and home situation were separate spheres and had different standards of conduct and behaviour.

There are social issues like castism, ethnicity, class stratification, deprivation of rights etc which have taken over the form of being; silent but progressing gradually.

The love for your country should find a place in your heart, deeds, and thoughts not by posting on social media. It is imperative that the adoption should be taken in proper spirits. Metal currency was minted in ancient India during the 5th century BCE, a sure sign of the importance of trade.

Coming to the regulatory side, the Indian government plays an important role in running several safety net health insurance programmes for the high-risk population and actively regulates the private insurance markets. I believe that the elections have presented India with a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at its healthcare landscape.

For those living in urban areas, healthcare is merely a political issue. The moment the gesture of greeting surpasses to a mere egoistic handshake, things start taking a U-turn.

But with changing cultural values tolerance has been bypassed by several incidents of hatred and communal violence. Modernization has led to the betterment in the utilization of the manpower, resources and techniques pre-existing into the Indian society.

Changes and modification done into the lives of the people directly bring the changes within the society. The game of marks and percentage is creating all the fuss. However, it can be conceded that in the Indian continuity, there is conservative persistence of tradition.

And Singer accepts this fact They argue that the country faces bigger challenges such as economic development, infrastructure, jobs, and border disputes with Pakistan.

5 Things to know about India's Healthcare System

A growing number of merchants, officials and other urban-base people began looking for a more personal religious experience, one which would speak to their individual need for salvation. Modernization symbolizes the Advancement. There are many existing social issues in Indian society that surely need a kind attention.

The cultural shift is always there but the inherited culture should not diminish. These centres have better doctors, access to preventive medicine, and quality clinics which are a result of better profitability for investors compared to the not-so-profitable rural areas.

Keep a balance between these two approaches and you are all set to move along the globe. Going abroad, studying or working there does not mean we can belittle our own culture and beliefs. But the two processes are linked with each other. He emphasised an aspect already present in early Hinduism, non-violence to all living things.

Essay on Westernisation in India (1600 Words)

Commercialization and Westernization of India. How has rampant commercialization and westernization of India impacted the society and its attitude?

Discuss some of the positive and negative aspects of the same. India, seventh largest country by area and second most populous country, is a land of diversity.

The Classical Period of Ancient India

It is one the fastest growing economy. The Indian culture is ones of the oldest and the richest cultures however, now that the western culture is kicking in, e.g. goods, festivals, dressings, foods etc., it is impacting on the Indian culture in many ways. The western culture is that it is replacing itself with the Indian culture.

Negative impacts of westernization on the Indian. Indian Culture, which is one of the oldest & richest cultures, is now days posing a serious threat as western culture is establishing its strong base in India and slowly and gradually wiping the Indian culture.

The status, economics and prospects of commercialization of goat production in the country have been analyzed using primary data from 18 commercial goat farms in different states.

Sep 12,  · CEC Arts (Arts, Humanities and Languages) managed by CEC,DELHI. How has rampant commercialization and westernization of India impacted the society and its attitude? Discuss some of the positive and negative aspects of the same.

India, seventh largest country by area and second most populous country, is a land of diversity.

Commercialization and westernization of india
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